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Communitech is a complete digital signage solutions provider.  We look after digital signage networks, content creation, digital signage strategy and visual communications as a complete business solution.

Our solutions are customised to your requirements, Omnivex digital signage software provides measurable benefits to business bottom line, and can help with cost reduction, employee engagement, safety, data delivered & now Omnivex Ink right to your mobile phone for data delivery on the go.

Customers Include:


Take a look at some of our recent deployments & installations. We also create content for digital signage, so need some inspiring ideas?


We provide a complete digital signage hardware solution.  We are professional IT & business gurus, and can specify based on architect requirements, or deliver solutions for those tricky surround questions, or video walls.

Did you know we have a solution for content for video walls, whatever the dimensions.. we got it.  Our kiosks are highly sought after for both indoors and outdoors.  We recommend quality commercial LCD for business use – find our why on our blog.

We also provide solutions for everyday digital signage – and can run your system for you if required with our complete management solution for digital signage.  Get in touch… we would love to help.

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You get what you pay for: TCO of Digital Signage Systems

When we are looking for a new shirt or dress, we check the tag on the shirt in the department store, the sign in front of the showroom car, or online for shoes etc. But does price tell the real story, especially with more sophisticated products we may need? Are we...

You have made the investment in digital signage – Now What?

Planning for success is important when developing digital signage Questions to ask, when you are planning your content and your digital signage implementation Questions What are you trying to accomplish with your digital signage ? What content do you want to display...

The Internet of Things & Digital Signage

The days of sharing information through paper reports distributed on a quarterly basis are long gone. Today the way information is being shared across organizations and between individuals has dramatically changed. People expect to have real-time information available...

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Stories, conversations and videos featuring businesses using Omnivex Digital Signage Software

Why Choose Communitech for Digital Signage?


Flexible & Easy to Use

Digital Signage Software that’s not a cookie cutter solution. ( phew what a relief!)  Your digital signage is unique and so is our software, its flexible enough for almost any component anywhere… this includes touch, video walls and bringing data from its source.

Need to know more.. then get in touch


Omnivex Digital Signage Software is used around the world, from buildings and screens in Times Square, to buildings and screens in Sydney Australia.  Yes, we can help!.. plus you have the backing of Omnivex themselves.

Show me how it works!


Omnivex Digital Signage Software is a comprehensive offering for all displays ~ all types and anywhere.  You need a bit of know how, we can train you on that, once you get it… its so easy and instinctive to use.

Check the Gallery – browse through the completed projects or give us a call

Also we have some inspirational ideas for wayfinding, interactive and actionable digital displays.  Our solutions help business and deliver real benefits to the business bottom line, through productivity improvements, clear and visible information on the go, and digital signage that can build the business visual communications platform.